Find Harmony Within

Whether you are seeking to rejuvenate, heal, de-stress, or you merely want to unwind and delight in what nature has to offer, Book the Aura Wellness Retreat to begin your path to Happiness and Serenity.

Experience Aura Wellness!

Your Wellness Retreats Includes:

Elegant & Luxurious Accommodations
Healthy Delicious Meals 
Yoga for Balance, Strength & Flexibility
Pranayarna Breathing Exercises for Physical & Mental Wellness
Mindful Meditation to Calm Mind & Body.
Group Hypnosis for Mind-Body Awareness.
Chakra Balancing for Energy Healing & to Create Balance. 
Sound Bath Therapy to Soothe the Nervous System.
Individual Neuro Liguistic Programming Sessions  to change your Present & Future State of Mind.
Group Acupuncture to Support Mind-Body in to Natural Healing.
Dancing Meditation to Calm State of Mind. 
Aqua Gym for Stretching & Flexibility.
Visualization & Intentions Setting to Create Strong Mental Image of the Future.
One-on-one "We Care" Sessions
Group Wellness Activities 
Nightly Campfire & Smores 

Aura Wellness
Aura Wellness

We Invite you to Experience Aura Wellness

Call or chat with us to begin your journey!

Aura Wellness Home for Healing & Personal Growth

Are you experiencing Anxiety, Depression, Fear or Insomnia?

Take Control  the Natural Way !!  

We will utilize various holistic healing modalities and techniques to help you relax and realign your whole body, bringing you back into balance.  We will emphasize on helping you let go of past troubles or trauma to assist you in gaining more tools to discover your purpose and reason for being here.  We will teach you special stress and anxiety management techniques that can change your life.  We invite you to experience Aura Wellness for a difference that can last a lifetime.  

We Invite you to Experience Aura Wellness

Call or chat with us to begin your journey!


Promotes Emotional Health

Enhance Self Awareness

Encourages Re-balancing & Positivity Energy 

Promotes Better Sleep

Reduce Stress

Find True Balance of Mind, Body & Soul.

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